71- 2018 FIFA World Cup would be held in

A- Russia

72- Tiger Woods is a

A- Golfer

73- the natwest odi series has been clinched by

A- england

74- name the basket player who became youngest player in the history of nba to reach 30000 career pints

A- kobe bryant

75- the first indian to win pga title of golf is

A-arjun atwal

76- what is the distance of running in marathon race

A- 26 miles 385 yard

77- the headquarters of the international olympic committee is in

A- swizerland

78- the full form of ICC is

A- International Cricket Council

79- famous golf player vijay singh is from which country

A- Mauritius

80- which cricketer has been declared the cricketer of the century by the ICC

A- Shane warne

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