Delete your entire google search history


google search history

Google has made it easier to delete your entire google search history, letting you wipe what you’ve looked for online in just a few clicks. It’s part of Google’s drive to be more transparent about the data it collects on you, and provide better options for deciding how it’s used. Previously, you had to dive deep into your Google account ( to erase your google search history.

               Now you can do this without leaving google search. Visit, click Settings at the bottom right, then ‘Your data in Search’. Next, scroll down the page that loads and click‘Delete last hour’ or ‘Delete all Search activity’ (see screenshot). This will delete all the queries you’ve typed into Google’s Search box, or into Chrome’s address bar (called the‘omnibox’) when you’re signed into either. 




click Settings at the bottom right


click Your data in Search

google search history


Then sign in your Gmail account

google search history

step 5

login in your google account

google search history


scroll down the page and click‘Delete last hour’ or ‘Delete all Search activity’

google search history

In android phone also you can delete your google search history data

Oh thanks for putting this information …I found this very helpful as i was not able to find how to delete my google history.Thanks a lot. Really appreciate your hard work.

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