41- which tennis player broke Pete Sampras record of maximum grand slams in tennis  

A-roger federer

42- the first world cup in cricket was held in  

A- 1975

43- who has won the maximum Grand Slam in men’s tennis  

A- pit sampras

44-the indian shooter who won 4 gold medals in 2010 commonwealth games was

A- gagan narang  

45- double fault associated with which game  

A- football

46- the new president of bcci (indian cricket board) is  

A- N.srinivasan

47- which sports is Jayanta talukdar associated  


48- who is named as the flying sikh of india ?  

A- milkha singh

49- Indian Sports Research Institute is located at 

A- Patiala

50- the term Bishop in sports is related to  

A- chess

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