81- ryder cup associated with

A- golf

82-samantha stosur won her first up open tennis championship.she is form

A- australia

83- the winner of women’s world cup of football is

A- japan

84- the highest paid footballer of the world is

A- lionel messi

85- which state is the winner of vijay hazare trophy of cricket

A- jharkhand

86- the winner of tour championship and fed ex cup of golf is

A- bill haas

87- the winner of the hash-10 national championship is

A-uma devi

88- who has won the australian grand Prix this year

A- sebastian vettel

89- in ipl championship 2011 who was adjudged man of the series

A- Chris Gayle

90- in cricket the length of pitch between the two wickets is

A- 22 yards

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