51- Aga Khan Cup is associated with which game

A- hockey

52- what can be maximum length of cricket bat

A- 32 inch

53- who recently created 15 sixes record in odi series

A- shane watson

54- who was the first heavyweight boxer to go undefeated throughout his career ?

A-rocky marciano

55- who was the first bangladesh cricketer score double century in test cricket

A- mushfiqur rahim

56- the number of medals won by Indian in the  2010 Commonwealth Games


57- who is the first indian woman to clinch the gold at the world shooting championship mun ich, germany

A-dila banarjee

58- name the england cricket captain who became the youngest batsman to score 7000 runs

A- alastair cook

59- the term Grad Slam is associated with

A- lawn tennis

60- which country won the junior table tennis championship claiming all the titles

A- china

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