91- the third indian to score a century and take 5 wickets in innings in a test match is

A- ravichandran ashwin

92- sayali gokhale who own and international title recently is associated with which games

A- badminton

93- the winner of sridhara trophy this year is

A- north zone

94- makers of which type sponsor Indian ace narain karthikeyan


95- the natwest odi series has been clinched by

A- england

96- jaise owens global award is given in the field of

A- sports

97- great poghat,who on April 1,2012 qualified for London Olympics 2012 belongs to which sports

A- wrestling

98- which game is Ian Thorpe associated with

A- swimming

99- bullfighting is the national game of

A- spain

100- who was the runner up open tennis championship

A- rafael nadal

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