61- Cannon,cue and pot are three terms associated with

A-both billiards and golf

62-A pugilist is a


63- Ranji Trophy is associated with

A- cricket

64- who won the highest number of gold medals in olympic games in 2008 and 2012 broke the record of

A-rebecca Addington

65- the finals of the uber cop 2014 and Thomas Cup 2014 are to be held at

A- New Delhi

66- _________game is Bully associated

A- hockey

67- number of players in a team of water Polo is

A- 7

68- who is Asia archery team won gold and bronze medal in Asian archery Grand Prix held on March 12 2013

A- India

69-_____________ terms is associated with the game of football

A- scissor kick

70- fianchetto is strategy in the game of

A- chess

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