Firefox for iPad with support for Split screen, dark mode





Firefox for iPad with support for Split screen, dark mode

We know that iPads aren’t simply larger versions of iPhones. you employ them otherwise, you would like them for various things. therefore instead of simply creating a much bigger version of our browser for iOS, we have a tendency to created Firefox for iPad look and want it had been custom created for a tablet. largely as a result of it was.

Split screen

One of the options that you’ll appreciate is that the Split screen feature that permits you to place two apps side by side, that means that you simply will have Firefox open on one facet, and rest of the space you can reserve for another app.

Send Tabs

Send Tabs helps you to instantly send tabs between devices while not having to leave the browser. Get yourself a “Firefox” Account, sign into Firefox on your varied devices and you’ll be sending tabs to your phone from your iPad, from your desktop to your phone, all without having to effect cutting and pasting on a mobile device.

Unique tab management

Using the iPad’s a lot of voluminous display, it currently displays tabs as graphical tiles, therefore, you’ll be able to a lot of simply managing them. ‘Firefox’ currently shows all of your tabs as easier-to-discern tiles, and private browsing may be a single tap away on the most screen. Other options of Firefox for iPad are the night mode for low-light reading, a dark theme, and online tracking protection.

keyboard shortcut

Furthermore, Firefox for iPad has support for several keyboard shortcuts that usually work on mac. For example,  Command +shift+ R to new private tab, Command + L  to select location bar,Control +shift+ tab to  all work in the Firefox app for iPad.Firefox for iPad also supports Dark theme and Night Mode.


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