What is Google Drive? How to use Google Drive? Google Drive Kya hai


Some time back if a file got corrupted on the computer or the hard disk crashed, the entire data would be lost.

Then came floppy drive, cd, dvd & memory sticks, you could store data on these storage devices but you had to carry them everywhere and these also could get corrupted at times one would face a lot of problems due to lost or corrupted files.now you can take a backup of documents, files, pictures, music, videos etc and save them online in the cloud.Think of it like an online briefcase or hard disk where you can safely store your files.

You can access google drive from your pc, tablet or smartphone from anywhere, you can upload & download files as well.free storage of 15 GB is available on Google Drive.different people from across the world can also work on & edit your documents at the same time.

Let’s see how to open google drive?

There are 2 ways of accessing Google Drive

step 1: The first way is to type drive.google.com in the browser and then log in using your google account


Step 2: login via Gmail type gmail.com in the browser & sign in using your email & password, Now we are logged in Gmail, to access google drive click on the grid icon at the top which is for apps then a window opens up,click on the icon for google drive now google drive will open in a new tab


Let’s see how to save an email attachment to google drive?

Step 1: let’s go back to our Gmail account in the other tab and look for an email with an attachment & open it.there is a picture attached to the email.

Step 2: if you bring your mouse over the attachment you have 2 options.if you click on this icon you can download and save the picture to your pc.if you click on the other icon the picture will be saved to google drive.the picture is being saved to google drive.

Step 3: you can also create a folder and save the image to the folder.

Step 4: Drag and drop your file in folder

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