How To Take Back Up Of Whatsapp Messages On Google Drive ?


You may have some private messages, chats, pictures or videos that you don’t want to lose so You can take a backup of your WhatsApp Messages or Media such as pictures or videos so that they are stored securely.B y taking a backup in Google Drive the media will be stored safely and you can see it anytime you wish. There can be another reason to take a backup. You may want to save memory on your phone, After all the memory on your phone is also limited. After taking a backup you can delete your messages and media from your phone & free up valuable memory.

Step 1:Click on “setting”

Step 2 :Click on “chats”

Step 3 : next “chat backup”

Step 4 :Click on “BACK UP”


Step 5 :you can backup your document daily,weekly, can change your gmail account and you can change your back up “WIFI WIFI OR CELLUAR”




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