Mobile Technology Evolution From 1g To 4g


Mobile Technology Evolution From 1g To 4g

The radio telephones were introduced hamlets and communication in the early twentieth century used in military 1946 car chase telephones his first tested in saint louis in nineteen forty six if than used the single largest transmitter on top of the high rise building a channel was used for sending and receiving similar to a half duplex system to talk to you so testified that enabled transmission and disabled reception do confess these became known as close to talking systems in1950 to allow users to talk and listen to the same time imps(improved mobile phone system was introduced in 1960 it used to channels one for sending and one for receiving going tocommunications the full duplex

In  the nineteen seventies private companies have started developing their own system to evolve existing system further those private systems are analogue mobile phone system used in America total access communication system and nordic mobile telephone used in parts of Europe and Japanese total access communication system used in Japan and Hong kong and they developed systems are called us the first generation communicate it was introduced in nineteen eighty-two by bell labs and popularly known as advanced mobile phone system (AMPS). the key idea here was to divide geographical areas into cells indeed so will survive base patience is the frequency reuse can be implemented as a result AMPS who support five to ten times more users and anti yes major concern for the first generation was weak security on air interface. now to implement worldly individual organizations started working under one umbrella European telecommunications standards institute (ETSI)


Introducing in the year 1980

Analog based protocol


no internet

Poor voice quality

Poor battery life

Large phone size

No security

Limited capacity

No roaming between 1G operators


in generations system second generation cellular telecom networks for commercially launched in 1991

Designed for voice and SMS

First digital standard gsm/CDMA service

Key specs were voice and internet

Voice was encrypted

Enabled roaming between operators using a same 2G system

Gprs new term evolve

Services 9.6-14.4 kbps

Max internet speed 66 kbps


Streaming on youtube and other streaming sites

Almost great speed than 2g up to 90-100 kbps

Buffering for streaming sites due to slow internet

Introduced in year 2000s in India


Faster internet up to 128 kbps

Introduced EDGE

Great internet speed and buffering speed

Launched in 2005-2008(in India)

Improved voice call


Faster internet up to 1-5 MBPS

Designed for voice and data

Video call, better streaming


Launched in 2001(Japan) and 2010(India)


Launched in 2011 (in India)

High speed up to 12-14 Mbps

Buffering 1080p videos on streaming sites

HSPA used and faster than 3G


Send/receive a large email message

High-speed web /more security

Tv streaming/mobiletv


Introduced in 2009(South Korea)

In India launched in 2013

Designed for data

Ip based protocols

True mobile broadband


Launched in India by jio telecom

Testing started from 2012 announced on 28th Dec 2015

For users launched in 2016

True 4g network and call is on LTE i.e VOLTE

Fasters mobile internet up to 100 MBPS

Quick review

As compared to 1G there is analog uses, 2G,3G calling there is circuit switching techniques uses and were as in 4G VOLTE packet switching is used


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