How to earn money from the Digitized India platform

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What is DIgital India Platform

Digital India platform is an initiative under the Digital India program launched by the Government of India. To join this program, any government, autonomous organization or department can digitize their documents whose purpose can accelerate government work. This initiative started on 1 July 2015 under the Digitized India Platform.

How To Work Digital India Platform

       1.Digitize India Platform gathers data in various images from various government organizations.

       2.This digital picture is given to work on the digital computer

       3.Digital contributer types words in the picture

       4.Computer program checks the words The correct intrigue receives the reward points.

       5.The program of dip collects them and sends the father to the concerned department

Who can become Digital Contributor

       1.You are a citizen of India

       2.Computer’s knowledge

       3.You have to have a base card

       4.Bank account linked to the Aadhaar number and in which you want to make money


       6.Smart devices (like computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.)

       7.You do not need any academic certificates to do this work

How will you get money

To withdraw money, first you have to redeem your reward point. If you want you can donate them too. And if you want, the bank account linked to your Aadhaar card. Transfer money to that bank account.

How to apply for India Program?

      1.Log on to

      2.Sign up by clicking Register Now

      3.Log in with your username and password to your account

.     4.Go to My Account and complete your Profile

      5.Complete the bank account profile

      6.Work and earn money

Benefits of Digitize India Platform

       1.As a digital activist, you will get official recognition.

       2.If you are unemployed then you will get a job as part-time.

       3.On working on this initiative, you also get the Certificate of the Data Entry Operator by the                               Government, which can be your future in future.

       4.You will also have the sadness of your worthless time

Call helpline number 180030003468 for any problem.
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