11-the President of India can proclaim a national emergency

A- on the advice of the council of ministers headed by the prime minister

12- who has control over the issue of money from the consolidated fund of India ?

A- Parliament

13- money bill has been defined by the constitution under article


14-the Constitution is the supreme law other lands. It is protected by

A- the supreme court

15-____________ union territories has its territorial spread in 3 states


16- the big constitution of India is

A-partly rigid and partly flexible

17- Acting chief justice of India is appointed by the

A- president

18- the word socialist cellular and unity and integrity of the added to our constitution by

A- 42 and amendment of the constitution

19-how many times was Atal Bihari Vajpayee sworn in as the prime minister of India

A- 3

20- A dispute relating to the election of the President of India is decided by the

A- supreme court


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