9 pc alert helps you identify protected your pc and money


9 pc alert helps you identify protected your pc and money

1 . The site ahead contains Malware

This alert is generated by chrome’s built-in safe browsing tool, warning you that the web page you are trying to reach could be infected with Malware. other safe browsing alerts include “deceptive site ahead”( for phishing sites). the site ahead contains harmful programs if the side is known for trying to trick visitors into downloading untrustworthy software or ‘this page is trying to load script from unauthenticated source’. (for sites that attempt to run code that may not be secure). Internet Explorer and edge’s SmartScreen filter display a similar “this website has been reported as unsafe warning”.This is the first of 9 pc alert helps you identify protected your pc and money.

what to do

false positive can happen and you could in theory -proceed to the site.in Chrome, for example, click details, then click “visit this unsafe site”. however, we don’t recommend doing this, even if you believe the site is safe, as it may have been Hijacked or had malware injected into it. it’s best to just click “back to safety”.

2. There is a problem with this website’s security certificate

This is an alert you will sometimes when browsing secure (https) websites in IE or Edge.if its security certificate has expired or can’t be validated, then any data you share with the website such as payment details could be intercepted.

what to do

It’s best to avoid sites like these. however, while it’s up to website owners to keep their security certificates up to date, if you are seeing this warning a lot there could do something wrong with your PC is the timestamp. right click the clock in the Taskbar then select “Adjust date/time”. switch off “set the time automatically” then click change and set the correct time and date .click change, then try accessing the same websites again.

3.Not secure

we are getting ahead of the game on this one, as this alert hasn’t actually started appearing yet .from July, however, chrome will start flagging up all non-https website as “not secure”. currently, you need to click the small “i” icon to the left of the website address to see a summary of a webpage’s security.

what to do

More and more sites are switching to encrypted HTTPS connections to bolster security, but there are still many that don’t it safe to browse these sites, but it’s not safe to submit any sensitive information into them , such as payment details and passwords.

4. To turn on virus protection

If you see this notification, it means your antivirus has been disabled. this can happen when you install software updates, but it can also be a sign that you have a Malware infection.

what to do

Quick start, type defender and click windows defender security Centre. if you see Red Cross next to the “virus and threat protection” icon, click “turn on” this should re-enable your antivirus tool, whether you use Windows 10’s built-in protection or other security software, such as Kaspersky.if it doesn’t,you may need to reinstall your security software or run a scan for malware using a standalone scanner, such as Malwarebytes free (www.malwarebytes.org ).the latest version of which includes improved detection and removal of Hijacked shortcuts.

5. Windows firewall has blocked some features of this app

we have used Windows firewall as the example here but other firewalls will display similar alerts. you will see a warning of this type when a program is attempting to make an unauthorized connection. this could be because a program you recently install to update isn’t yet on the firewall’s list of safe tools, but it could also be a hacker attempting to steal your data, or malware spreading itself over the internet.

what to do

Check the details of the alert carefully do you recognize the name of the program all its publisher? if you are certain the program is safe, then select whether you want the program to be able to connect on private and public networks then click “allow access” (or your firewalls equivalent). if you don’t recognize the program, refuse the connection then run a full virus scan.

6.Fix Windows detected a hard disk problem

This is a warning you shouldn’t take lightly it could be a sign of hard drive is about to fail. click “show details” to see more information, including which driver is affected by the problem.

what to do

As the alert suggests, the first thing is to do is back up .if your hard drive is really is about to die, then you need to make a copy of all the data stored on it as soon as possible. when this has finished open “file explorer” click this PC then” right click”on your drive and select “properties”. click the “tools” tab, then click check and follow the remaining prompts to scan your drive for errors.

                                          you could also can you file system for a rose seal at 9 from more than this if you are still seeing the result then you need to replace the drive talk to take drives manufacturers if it’s within warranty you may be entitled to a free replacement.

7. They were problems installing updates

Windows update has an uncanny knack for going wrong. you may see this alert when you review your update status (under start then “control panel” then “windows update”.you may see a warning during the update process itself, telling you that Windows has failed to configure updates and is “reverting changes.

what to do

We could devote an entire cover feature to analyzing and fixing Windows update problems (in fact we did, in issue 520, so refer to this for more details). the first thing to try though, is Windows 10’s built-in troubleshooting tools, as this may be able to detect and fix the problem automatically.click start settings, “update and security” troubleshoot, Windows update then “run the troubleshooter”.

8. Your computer is low on memory

you may see this alert if you have got lots of resource hungry programs running at the same time.

what to do

To see which programs are using the most memory right click the “Taskbar” then select “Task Manager”, then click “more details”( if it says this at the bottom of the task manager window) and select the “processes” tab click the memory column header to order the processes by which ones are using most memory .closing these will free up memory, but if you’re seeing this alert often,consider adding more memory to your PC.

9. The critical error your start menu isn’t working

This can sometimes occur following a major Windows 10 update, such as last year’s fall creators update and may be caused by corrupted Windows system files or a problem with your user profile you may find that not only is the “start menu” not working,but other functions including Cortana the Microsoft store and other apps are having problems.you may see a “this app can’t open” alert, too.

what to do

The alert will prompt you to sign out .do this and sign back in again. scan for and repair file system errors by clicking start, typing CMD, then right-clicking the command prompt link and selecting “run as administrator”.

                                                At the prompt, type sfc/scannow and press enter. if that fails, create a new user profile (under settings, accounts “family & other people”).if the start menu works under your new profile, consider using it permanently you will have to copy over your personal files from the old profile, but it will be less hassle the resetting Windows or reinstalling the os.

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9 pc alert you must never ignore

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